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Compounding results in a customized medication prepared by a pharmacist, according to a doctor’s specifications to meet an individual patient’s needs.

Springfield Pharmacy is committed to the art and science of pharmacy. We offer select compounding, call us to inquire more.

Benefits of Compounding

  • Individual patient dosages. Medication doses adjusted for pediatric or veterinary use.
  • Drugs that are not commercially available.
  • Forms that are not commercially available. Compounding allows the best drug delivery system options for patients and physicians. Oral, injectable, rectal and transdermal routes are among the few.
  • Eliminate preservatives, dyes or possible allergens. Patients who have specific allergies to certain fillers and dyes in prescription medications can have dye or preservative free medications compounded.
  • Diabetic patients. Sugar free medications can be formulated.
  • Feeding tube. Medications can be converted to suspensions or solutions for administration thorough a feeding tube


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