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About Springfield Pharmacy

Our vision is for Springfield Pharmacy to be our community’s most trusted source of pharmaceutical and home healthcare products and services.

We don’t just put pills in a bottle or a medication pack and send you on your way. We offer personalized services, follow-ups to ensure that the medications are working to help you reach treatment goals without causing side effects, and a variety of health and wellness services.

Our job doesn’t end when you get your prescriptions...

That’s when our job begins. We want to be an integral part of your healthcare team to make sure you achieve your healthcare goals. Continual investments in training, education, and technology allow us to provide our patients with the highest quality of service.


Our Staff


  • Featured on NPR
  • Featured on NBC Nightly News
  • Featured on the Inquirer
  • Featured in The Daily Times
  • Guest Speaker at the 2020 US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Conference
  • Guest Speaker for the 2020 AmeriSource Diversity in Healthcare Conference
  • 2023 Advisory Member of the PA State Pharmacy Association
  • 2022 PDS Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2022 Pharmacy Times Honoree Pharmacist of Year
  • Member of the APhA Vaccine Confident Collaborative Group 2021-2024
  • Delaware County Immunization Coalition Advisory Member 2023
  • 2023 APhA Vaccine Champion of the Year Award
  • 2023 Pennsylvania Immunization Leadership Award
  • First and Only Vaccine for Children Providing Pharmacist in State of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Pharmacy Representative for the Association of Immunization Managers 2023
  • Senator Tim Kerney and Rep Mike Zabel COVID Vaccine Town Hall Speaker (2021)
  • Delaware County Intermediate Unit COVID Vaccine Town Hall Speaker (2021)
  • Speaker at the Pennsylvania Immunization Conference
  • Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists Advisory Member
  • Amerisource Bergen Elevate Provider Network Advisory Member
  • Speaker at the AmerisourceBergen ThoughtSpot 2023

Huong Tran

PharmD, RPh

Gina Imperato

Director of Operations

David Harmon


Mark Tezla

Retail Pharmacy Technician & DME Specialist

Angela Campbell

Pharmacy Intern

Anthony Cao

Pharmacy Intern

Gurjot Kaur

PharmD, RPh

George Hickey

Delivery Driver