When will I get my first SP Pack? add

First, we’ll sync all your meds to get them on the same refill schedule. If needed, we may dispense a partial supply in a prescription bottle. You will receive your first SP Pack at the beginning of the first month that all your meds are refilled at the same time. For most patients, this process takes 10-30 days.

What medications are eligible for the SP Pack? add

All pills, tablets, and capsules that you take regularly by mouth can be packed. If you take something as needed or for a limited time, you will receive it in a prescription bottle. Over-the-counter meds can be added if we have a prescription from your doctor.

How much does it cost? add

The SP Pack is FREE!

Is there a maximum number of medications the SP Pack can hold? add

No, we’ll make sure your pack is organized in a way that allows all your meds to fit.

What pills can’t be packed in an SP Pack? add

We are unable to pack controlled substances, inhalers, creams, ointments, suppositories, and liquids.

What should I do if my medications change? add

Give us a call! We can also dispense a partial supply in a prescription bottle if your medications change mid-month.

Do I still have to call in refills to my doctor? add

Nope! We’ll call your doctor each month for refills of the meds in your SP Pack. If any are denied, we’ll contact you.

If I don’t like the SP Pack, how can I request to discontinue? add

We understand! The SP Pack may not be for you, and that’s okay. Just call the pharmacy and let us know.